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Are you in the market for a new eavestrough, roof, cornice, or lamp? Did you know that you can get all these products in copper? "Why choose copper?” you may ask. We have a couple good reasons to share. These reasons may also explain why copper is seeing unprecedented popularity and a rise in demand in Toronto and the GTA regions specifically, and in Canada generally.
Copper's Full of Colour!
If you're looking to give a little tone and beauty to your house, office, garden, etc., copper makes a great addition. Copper comes in a distinctive, shiny, reddish-brown hue giving your home a warm, inviting, old world charm. With time, copper eventually starts to develop a greenish-blue patina on its surface – a result of oxidization with oxygen and moisture. Unlike other furnishings and fixtures in your house, it's the only item that will change colour without requiring a paint job! If however, the original reddish colour grows on you, you can preserve it by adding a clear coat of lacquer to the copper to stop it from oxidizing. Copper is also easy to clean and requires little effort to maintain. If you want to be the envy of your neighbourhood and set your home apart, get your copper roof on!
Durability Comes Standard
Weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and fire-proof. Need we say more? What other material gives you all these qualities in one product? Having all these great attributes makes copper ideal for nearly any home improvement project you want to carry out.
Thinking about replacing your roof or installing a new gazebo in the backyard? Copper products are an excellent choice for those who live in areas that have rough weather conditions such as Toronto. Our long, harsh, Canadian winters are no picnic and copper is well suited to handle the strongest of elements, be it torrential rains, high winds, or even hailstorms. In addition, your home is better protected with a copper roof in the event of it being exposed to fire on the exterior of the house.
Copper is also perfect for plumbing and guttering projects because of its ability to resist rust and corrosion. You never have to worry about contamination of water flowing through your copper pipes. And since copper lasts for decades, you can count on it requiring minimal servicing, keeping your home maintenance costs in check.
Sold on Copper? Call Us!
We hope we've given you enough reasons to want to choose copper products for your next home improvement project. And copper products have a special home in the Greater Toronto Area: CopperWorks Canada. Here, you will find hundreds of products in various styles and colours. So whatever home improvements you are looking to make, be sure to incorporate copper-made products and enjoy their vintage, timeless beauty and long-lasting durability for decades to come. Contact CopperWorks Canada today!
If you are interested in purchasing new copper products, please visit us at our main site or call us at 905-831-6434.

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